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Group Therapy For Adults Las Vegas
Group Therapy For Adults In Las Vegas With Foundations Counseling Center

Foundations Counseling Center now offers group therapy for adults. Groups offered have specific topics and are open only to specific individuals with similar treatment issues. Group therapy is only recommended as an adjunct to individual therapy wherein the individual would achieve treatment goals quicker with the support of a group setting. As part of the group process, necessary life skills are developed and positive relationships with peers are formed. Individuals learn to develop trust in themselves and others. Common therapeutic interventions utilized in Foundations Counseling Center’s group therapy for adults include cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectic behavior therapy, and skill-building activities. For more information about the following groups, please call (702) 240-8639 ext. 0.

“Coping with Grief and Loss”

Grief is a normal response to loss of any kind. Most people associate grief with the death of a person, but grief can result from numerous types of loss. Sometimes the emotions that accompany grief can be overwhelming. It’s important to realize that there is no perfect way to mourn any type of loss and the grieving process is often different for everyone. Join other individuals ages 25+ with similar challenges and gain insight through discussions and activities.


Groups Now Forming:

1. DBT-Informed Skills-Building Group for Adults