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Evidence-Based Practice

Foundations Counseling Center is an evidence-based practice that enforces a collaborative approach between our team of mental health providers and the individuals, couples, and families we serve. Together, with our clients, we set measurable treatment goals and use practices that have been shown to be effective in reaching positive outcomes. Read More


Insurances Accepted

With the growing demands for mental health services, Foundations Counseling Center aims to increase our community’s access to care and ensure that necessary treatment is provided to those in need. To do so, we have contracted with numerous commercial insurance companies, Medicare plans, and Medicaid plans as in-network providers so that services are affordable for the clients we serve. Read More


Treatment Modalities

Our mental health providers utilize treatment modalities that have been studied and consistently demonstrate effectiveness in the improvement in specific. All our mental health providers have been trained to utilize treatment modalities that have been studied and consistently demonstrate effectiveness in the improvement in specific situations, problems, or mental health disorders. Read More

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About Foundations Counseling Center

Over 20 Years of Experience in Providing Outpatient Mental Health Services

With over 20 years of experience in providing outpatient services, we have helped clients with a wide range of presenting problems including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, ADHD, Autism spectrum disorders, PTSD, panic attacks and anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, separation and divorce, grief and loss issues, coping with comorbid medical conditions, substance use disorders, and coping with severe mental illness.

  • We are an evidence-based practice that demonstrates high percentages of treatment effectiveness, year after year.
  • We value high standards of quality care and aim to increase access of needed mental health services for our community.
  • We provide individualized outpatient mental health services for all ages, 6 and up.
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Our Services

Individual Therapy

Personal counseling with a psychotherapist aimed to assist patients in resolving problems in... Read more

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a form of therapy designed to help couples address and resolve issues... Read more

Family Therapy

A branch of psychotherapy designed to help families and couples in intimate relationships to improe... Read more

Group Therapy

Group therapy is recommended as an adjunct to individual therapy wherein the individual would achieve... Read more


A noninvasive procedure that measures a patient's brainwaves and provides the patient with real-time feedback... Read more


As a courtesy to our patients and their families, Foundations Counseling Center offers outpatient services in... Read more

Inpatient Screening

As part of the initial assessment process, each patient is assessed for the most appropriate level of care to... Read more

Medication Management

The use of psychotropic medicatuon may enhance a patient's ability to achieve mental health stability. When... Read more

Family Navigator Program

Coming... Read more

Our Philosophy

Together, We Will Move Forward

There are times in our lives when we face problems in living that seem impossible to overcome or resolve. Whatever the presenting issues may be, our goal is to assist you in finding confidence within yourself to develop and implement positive, effective solutions to the problems that lie in your path.

Through the years, we have come to value the uniqueness of each individual. We are eclectic and holistic in our treatment approach utilizing various modalities to develop treatment plans that best meet the specific needs of each individual client. We focus on symptoms versus labels, and solutions rather than problems. We recognize the significant relationship between a person and their environment, as well as the mind and the body. With all clients, we help them to actualize their potential and achieve their goals.

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“ My therapist has really helped me develop strategies and techniques to help me cope with my anxiety and depression issues. I also partake in other services Foundations Counseling Center offers and I can attest that those therapists know what they're doing and are extremely personable as well. I feel connected to each of them and am so thankful for the tools I am developing!”

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21 May


As a courtesy to our patients and their families, Foundations Counseling Center now offers outpatient services not only in person,...

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Adults' Connection Groups
23 May

Adults' Connection Groups

Foundations Counseling Center is now offering a series of group therapy sessions for adults: Adults’ Connection Groups Click here to explore...

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Recovery 101: Substance Abuse Group
12 Jan

Recovery 101: Substance Abuse Group

Foundations Counseling Center now offers a weekly group designed for adults 18+ who are struggling with substance abuse. In this group, patients...

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